Backing, Insulation & Substrates

We carry a large selection of substrates and insulation, including our multi-purpose rigid polyester insulation ReCore® for use in sound-proofing, thermal and acoustic control applications.

These substrates can be used in our Fabric Wall Finishing Systems or – in the case of ReCore® – applied directly to any surface.


Innovative Flexibility

Once the track is installed, the backing is cut and installed

Available in 1/2″ and 1″ thicknesses, We offer a number of specific types of backing depending on your application. The backing is the material that absorbs impact, sound as well as insulates walls to a certain degree. Other valuable uses that our backing serves can be for tackboards, where you can press a tack through papers or hang other materials. We also offer a Mag-Tack™ backing that will accept magnets to suspend materials for crafts or in a conference room.


ReCore® is a revolutionary, environmentally responsible insulation and substrate made from 100% non-woven polyester fiber. It is made from 60% post consumer content (recycled plastic beverage containers), and is, itself, 100% recyclable.

Available in multiple thicknesses, densities and colors. It is ideal as acoustical insulation for panels, walls, and ceilings. It is unsurpassed as a tackable surface while simultaneously providing impact-resistant shock absorbency. It can also be used as ceiling tiles, as a duct liner and as a sound deadening medium below carpeting and wood flooring.