Acoustical Cotton Backing Sale!


Fabricmate® is having a sale! While supplies last, Acoustical Cotton is up to 50% off!



Fabricmate® Acoustic Cotton is an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass or mineral wool acoustic insulation. Safe and easy to handle, it is made from 100% post-industrial denim and cotton fibers. High-quality and sustainable building materials such as these are great for every project whether it’s LEED certified or just that DIY you’ve been considering.

Acoustic Cotton provides incredible acoustic absorption and thermal performance without the chemical or fiberous irritants found in other forms of acoustic insulation. It comes in 1/4″, 1/2″, 1″ & 2″ thicknesses, making it an excellent acoustic backing for use with all of our acoustic Stretched-Fabric Systems.

The unique manufacturing of Acoustical Cotton allows it to trap and absorb sound waves, which greatly reduces reverberated sound. Having a Noise Reduction Coefficient up to 1.05 (at 2″ thickness) makes it an ideal material for many applications, such as in home theaters, conference rooms, classrooms and other high-traffic enviornments.


Key Features & Benefits


Absorbs Reverberated Sound
Increases Audio Clarity



100% Recyclable
Reduces Waste
VOC Free



Antimicrobial & Anti-Fungal
Non-Toxic & Safe to Handle



Easy To Work With


Acoustical Cotton


Presenting… Open House!


Fabricmate® now proudly offers the Open House Fabric line from Guilford of Maine! Open House Panel Fabric is acoustically transparent, as well as extremely durable, withstanding well over 30,000 double-rubs!*

The Open House Fabric line comes in 38 stunning colors and is 54″ in width, so it’s ideal for use with all our wall finishing systems. From our 1 Series Premade Panels, to the 7 Series Site-Fabricated System, Open House Fabric can bring beautiful design elements to your projects while providing tackability, impact resistance, and acoustic absorbance.

*A double rub is a motion that estimates the wear and tear that comes from someone sitting down on, and getting up from, an upholstered seat.


Open House Fabric Is Ideal For

  • High Impact Wall Protection for Hallways and Corridors
  • Tackable and Modular Wall Panel Kits
  • Tackable Fabric-Wrapped Bulletin Board Panels
  • MagTack® Magnetically Receptive Bulletin Board Panels

Open House Fabric Features


Open House Fabric is made from 35% Post-Consumer Polyester, and is 100% Recyclable.