Now Launching… Wizard Cut Guides

FS200 Wizard Guide HERO #2 20171031 web

Fabricmate® Wizard Cut Guides are here!

Our new Wizard Cut Guides show you all the cuts and notches needed when installing our 7-Series Site-fabricated Wall Finishing System.

It is a useful on-the-job reference tool that doubles as a training guide! Having one or more of these on-site will make your job easier plus it will provide the convenience of a “cheat sheet” for those with less experience.

The cut guides are currently available in Slim-Line® and Classic-Line®, with Full-Line® and Max-Line® coming soon. See below for pricing information, or visit our Wizard Cut Guides page for details.


One 1/4″ thick profile available



Three 1/2″ thick profiles available



Two 1″ thick profiles available