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Your Time is Valuable

Did you know that Fabricmate® provides everything you need for your standard spec library? Our product information is online and available to download for free.

Specifying decorative and functional finishes can be tedious, even when you know exactly what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ve taken the time to make it as easy as possible. We provide complete resources for your project plan specifications in one place, including…


Added Bonus? Value Engineering. Our technical support staff are knowledgable and available to assist you, working with you and your staff to identify the best design and specification choices to acheieve the functional and aesthetic results desired. We work directly with architects, designers, facility owners / managers, and contractors throughout the facility lifecycle. In the concept and planning phase, we assist with identifying functional and aesthetic requirements. in the design phase we assist with layout, material, and color selections. In the construction and operations phases, we help with installation and maintenance issues. All of this is done with one goal in mind: To help avoid mistakes and provide the best all-around value to our customers.

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Got Noise Problems? Here’s a SoundSentinel® Solution.

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The answer to noise issues created by sound transference through floors, ceilings and walls! SoundSentinel® inhibits sound reverberation and transmission through structures. It’s the industry standard for soundproofing walls and a premier choice among Architects, Contractors and Do-it-yourselfers. Combined with Fabricmate’s Acoustic Fabric Wall Finishing System, you can quiet any space. Available in four solutions, see below for more details.


SoundSentinel® Under Wall is a mass loaded barrier designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications. Used behind finished wall or ceiling surfaces to dampen noise, Under Wall is also an effective pipe and duct wrap. Under Wall is mold and mildew resistant, makes an excellent air and moisture barrier and improves HVAC efficiency.

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SoundSentinel® MAX is installed between exposed studs and drywall and offers the best protection against noise. Used by architects and contractors, it’s designed for installation in new wall and retrofit wall applications. This innovative material has been tested and certified to meet sound transmission class (STC) standards.

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Say Hello to the Dune & Intermix Fabric Lines!

Dune (top) and Intermix (bottom)

Fabricmate® now offers two new fabric lines… Welcome, Dune and Intermix!

Dune is 66 inches in width. Available in 26 colors, it has an incredible directional patterning that can increase the aesthetics of any room while providing acoustical properties and tackabilty for professional and communal areas.

The Intermix line comes in 10 colors and is also 66 inches in width. Intermix has a beautiful basketweave texture and provides tackability and acoustic transparency.

From our 1 Series Premade Panels to the 7 Series Site-Fabricated System, let Dune or Intermix bring some color to your world!


Dune Fabric Is Ideal For

  • Offices and Auditoriums
  • Tackable and Modular Wall Panel Kits
  • Tackable Fabric-Wrapped Bulletin Board Panels
  • MagTack® Magnetically Receptive Bulletin Board Panels

Dune Fabric Features


Dune is made from 100% Polyester.


Intermix Fabric Is Ideal For

  • Living Spaces or Conference Rooms
  • Tackable and Modular Wall Panel Kits
  • Tackable Fabric-Wrapped Bulletin Board Panels
  • MagTack® Magnetically Receptive Bulletin Board Panels

Intermix Fabric Features


Intermix is made from 100% Pre-Consumer Recycled Polyester