Daylight Saving Time

Renew Your Walls For Spring

Daylight Saving Time is upon us and Spring has sprung! Time to refresh, renew, and revitalize your walls!

Fabricmate’s stretched-fabric wall finishing system is impact resistant and lasts years longer than paint. Are you still spending your ever-valuable time & money repairing damaged walls or repainting? You don’t have to be! The fabric is easily replaceable which means the next time Spring rolls around and you want to change your décor, all you have to do is roll in your new fabric over the existing frame and backing, keeping your spaces looking fresh and feeling new year after year! And if you are happy with your fabric’s décor you can rest assured that it will continue to look bright and beautiful season after season.

We even offer kits for the DIY’er. Rejuvenate the rooms in your home easily with our 3 Series & 5 Series Panel Kits. You can choose your panel size & thickness, as well as fabric. It will be shipped right to your door and ready to assemble! Want to cover a whole wall? No problem! Check out our 7 Series Site-fabricated System. We provide kits to help make corners and edges easier than ever, available in a wide range of frame profiles!

If you’re less into DIY, and more into “Getting it Done”, check out our 1 Series Premade Panels in standard or custom sizes, shipped & ready-to-hang.

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