Compatibility Samples/Sample Offerings

Deciding on what frame size, profile, backing and fabric you want to use for your site-fabricated Fabricmate® panels just got easier!


Are you interested in our site-fabricated wall finishing system, but aren’t sure of exactly what you want? Our online store offers samples of the Frame, Backing and Fabric components that make up our site-fabricated system – so you can try before you buy.

Want to see it all together? We also offer our Compatibility Samples – miniature boards made up of frame, backing, and fabric showing how these three components look and work together. With a Compatibility Sample, you can not only see an example of the particular frame and substrate you’re interested in, but you can order any of our fabric samples and roll them in yourself (don’t forget to order your Rocker Tool!).

Our Compatibility Samples are also a great way to test your fabric! Compatibility Samples are available in most configurations and frame colors. They can be configured with or without intermediate seams to allow you to decide what style works best for your design.

Custom is standard at Fabricmate® – order your samples today:

Fabric Samples
Compatibility Samples

ReCore ® and the Environment

When it comes to building materials do you ask yourself: Are they sustainable? Are they made from recycled content and also recyclable? Do they hold up against moisture? Are they safe to handle? When it comes to ReCore®, the answer is YES!

Fabricmate’s ReCore® is a revolutionary insulation made from 100% non-woven recycled/recyclable polyester fiber. Semi-rigid and incredibly lightweight, ReCore® is impact-resistant, thermally insulating and sound absorbing, making it an excellent choice for durable wall protection while retaining excellent acoustical properties. Available in multiple thicknesses and densities – higher densities offer better tackability while the higher thicknesses offer better acoustic sound absorption – it is the logical choice for acoustical insulation for wall panels, ceiling tiles, duct liners and a sound deadening medium below carpeting and wood flooring.

ReCore® is the environmentally responsible alternative to other substrates that typically require protection to handle and are not recyclable. The recycled polyester fiber content contributes to lessening dependence on petroleum as a raw material source. This prolongs landfill life, reducing toxic emissions from incinerators and helping to promote new recycling streams, resulting in less air, water, and soil contamination.ReCore® is naturally resistant to insects, spores and bacteria making it anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Being free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), like formaldehyde, makes it completely safe in enclosed environments.

Whether you need excellent acoustical performance, tackability, impact resistance, thermal insulation, a product free from VOCs, one with a high post-consumer recycled content or all of the above, Fabricmate’s ReCore® is the high-performance and environmentally responsible choice.