About Fabricmate

Fabricmate Systems is a leading supplier of aesthetic, acoustical, tackable, and magnetically receptive wall surface solutions throughout North America and the world. One of the pioneers of stretched-fabric wall paneling systems, we constantly strive to improve upon that original concept.

We are continually introducing enhancements to existing products and introducing new products like our Pre-made and Modular Floating-fabric Wall Panels as well as a variety of other vertical surface solutions and supporting products including Baffles, Clouds, Privacy Panels, Dry-erase Panels and surface materials, Acoustical Wall Art, Large Format Graphics and many others.


At Fabricmate Systems we are at the forefront of innovation and design of stretched-fabric wall finishing systems. We have more than twenty years of hands-on experience in the actual specification and installation of these and related products. We have a complete understanding of the many different applications for these products, their challenges and solutions. We don’t just talk the talk, we’ve walked the walk!

At Fabricmate Systems; good enough isn’t! We strongly believe that to be successful we must provide our customers with the broadest possible range of support. This is why we are not content to provide just simple product recommendations, but to work with you in the pre-planning stages of a project through to final installation and acceptance. We can provide complete solutions from product and/or system specifications, Value Engineering, and installation instruction. We can even recommend qualified installation professionals who will ensure your satisfaction.

Our strong commitment to protecting the environment coupled with an understanding of how products and design must work together to achieve sustainability are at the foundation of our Environmental Policy. Most all of our fabrics are made with post consumer materials, as well as our wonder-backing ReCore. We embrace the functionality, durability, and philosophy of a better, cleaner future through primarily recycled products.