Fabricmate Panels and Systems can have no greater impact than in learning environments. Applications for acoustical and tackable surfaces abound. Enhance learning by reducing reverberated sound thereby improving speech intelligibility. Turn your existing walls into sound reducing and tackable, communicative surfaces.


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Walls are often overlooked in both new construction and during renovations. Use your walls—make them work for you. Fabricmate Panels & Systems do what paint cannot. They add texture and warmth, offer significant acoustical benefits such as improved speech intelligibility, and provide a durable, tackable surface. They allow for greater flexibility in design, and work well in conjunction with other materials.

Our tack boards, modular panels, and full-wall tackable systems can be found in countless classrooms. Acoustical as well as tackable, they are effective in enhancing speech intelligibility in classrooms of all levels.


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It’s time to refresh and remodel. Before you even think about applying another coat of paint, consider the advantages Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing Solutions can offer as a sustainable and budget friendly alternative to paint.

This kit is ideal for School Districts who want to self-install their own wall finishing to save money and time. Do it your way on your schedule. You can do it. We can help.

The included kits are meant to help you decide what is best for your school. An example of each of our systems is present in the Education Starter Kit, making it easy for you to figure out what system –or combination of systems– is best for your facility.

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Fabricmate Acoustical and Tackable Panels are extremely durable. They won’t show damage like painted drywall, vinyl covered walls or wrapped panels. Our “floating-fabric” design virtually eliminates all the visible surface damage. You can take a hammer to the face of our panels and they won’t show any damage. Many Fabricmate education customers have had our systems in place for ten years or more and they look as good as the day they were installed. Reduce the need to repaint and the associated annual maintenance costs.


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Painting is a bothersome and costly chore. It is almost never finished, seemingly needs to be redone every few weeks. Painting ties up valuable personnel who can be put to better use. Fabricmate Panels and Systems offer schools, colleges, and universities a clearly superior wall finishing solution. They turn the largest amount of your wasted space into an attractive, functional, and contributive part of the working, learning, and living environments. Once installed there is no repainting.


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Whether in residence halls or academic spaces, the beauty, acoustical performance and functionality of Fabricmate Panels and Systems make that all important first impression. They convey warmth and comfort and improve speech intelligibility by significantly reducing the volume of reverberated sound and shortening reverberation times.

Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems create that high-tech feel that students love. They transform plain walls into massive tackable bulletin boards for hanging posters, art & reminders without risk of damaging the wall behind. They improve acoustics by absorbing reverberated sound and reducing noise levels. And their built-to-last durability provides a high-impact barrier that – unlike paint – protects your wall without need for constant maintenance.


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We offer an unsurpassed lifetime warranty on the frame and ReCore backing. Our “No Cost” Fabric Replacement Plans are available to School Districts, Colleges, Universities, Companies and other Institutions free of charge.

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Incredible Changeability

Our Wall Finishing Systems allow for quick & easy fabric replacement. If your current fabric becomes damaged, soiled or a design change is desired, you can simply pull the current fabric out of the track channel and add your new fabric with ease.

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Why Paint?

Paint offers little protection and functionality to the walls it covers. It scuffs easily and does nothing for acoustics. Worst of all, maintaining painted walls in high-traffic areas requires constant effort. Do away with the mess and hassle of paint and cover your walls with something more sustainable.

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Our system components are always immediately available. While advance notice is always appreciated, we maintain full inventories of all our products. No more long order lead times. Change orders are easily accommodated.

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