Sensible Sustainability

At Fabricmate Systems we understand and share the concerns about people and the planet we live on. Our manufacturing processes are safe and ecologically responsible. Our materials come from sustainable resources. We use Post-Consumer Content as often as possible and we are proud to say that our products are VOC free.


We Share Your Concerns

We pay particular attention to safety and environmental issues, such as sustainability, longevity, LEED ratings, VOCs and flammability. Our Wall Finishing Systems are safe, long-lasting and are designed to improve our quality of life but in the immediate and long-term.

More Than Just Value Engineering

Our belief is to use only what is necessary, whether it be recommending a smaller amount of coverage, a changed layout or a recycled product that can achieve the desired result. After all “Green” is not just a color but a conscious awareness of our choices. Through this awareness manufacturers, architects, designers, contractors, and end-users can all make a difference.



Reduce Maintenance Costs

With it’s long life span and zero VOC emissions, FabricMate’s Wall Finishing Systems will help both the end user and the environment. Constant Repainting or replacing of wrapped panels is not only expensive and wasteful, it is time consuming and inconvenient. Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing Systems virtually eliminate the need for repainting and wall maintenance.

Made from post-consumer recycled materials from sustainable sources, Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing Systems are not glued to the core as normal wrapped panels are. The coverings ‘float’ over the surface, held in place by track jaws allowing for easy and inexpensive changeability without needing to change the core material or frame.

Make A Difference

Choosing environmentally responsible products, achieving sustainability, and earning LEED credits starts in the planning stage when decisions are made. You don’t always have the same options later in the project.

Sustainability and environmental choices start in the planning stages (when decisions are made). This can be the most important time to decide the conceptual use of the products and amounts needed to achieve your desired final look and function. We look forward to assisting with these decisions.



Revolutionary ReCore®

ReCore® is a revolutionary, environmentally responsible insulation and substrate made from 100% non-woven polyester fiber. It is made from 60% post consumer content (recycled plastic beverage containers), and is, itself, 100% recyclable.

Available in multiple thicknesses, densities and colors. It is ideal as acoustical insulation for panels, walls, and ceilings. It is unsurpassed as a tackable surface while simultaneously providing impact-resistant shock absorbency. It can also be used as ceiling tiles, as a duct liner and as a sound deadening medium below carpeting and wood flooring.

Key Features & Benefits


Enhances Speech Intelligibility
Absorbs Reverberated Sound
Increases Audio Clarity



Very Long Lasting
Impact Resistant
Shock Absorbent



60% Post-Consumer Product
100% Recyclable
Reduces Waste
VOC Free



Holds tighter Than Cork
Will Not Crumble
Naturally Self-Heals



Antimicrobial & Anti-Fungal
Naturally Flame Retardant



Reduces Maintenance Costs
Easy To Work With


See how ReCore® compares to the top 4 most common substrates:

The Image Below Illustrates how ReCore Lasts after a year in standing water compared to other common substrates

  • ReCore®
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Safe To Handle
  • Non-Combustible
  • Low Absorption
    Remains Rigid
  • Will Not Weather
  • Non-Polluting

  • Glass Fiber
  • Non-Recyclable
  • Unsafe to handle
  • Semi-Combustible
  • Low Absorption
    Warped by Moisture
  • Weathers easily
  • Causes Air Pollution

  • Rock Wool
  • Non-Recyclable
  • Unsafe to handle
  • Semi-Combustible
  • Low Absorption
    Warped by Moisture
  • Weathers Easily
  • Causes Air Pollution

  • Cork
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Safe To Handle
  • Highly Combustible
  • High Absorption
    Warped by Moisture
  • Weathers easily
  • Non-Polluting

Key Features and Benefits

Our Fabric Wall Finishing Systems benefit from an array of advantages. They don’t just look fantastic, they provide a whole array of functional benefits.

They absorb reverberated sound, providing acoustic control to lessen the amount of noise in a room. They protect and adorn your walls, providing high-impact wall protection while serving as a tackable surface, giving the same functionality as a bulletin board without sacrificing aesthetics.

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