Our Modular Panel Kits are the perfect Do-It-Yourself solution for anyone looking for something larger than a panel but without the hassle of a fully custom site-fabricated system. Each kit is built to size, cut down into manageable sections and shipped with your choice of fabric.

These sections are incredibly easy to install. There is no limit to the length of panel you can create with our Modular Panel Kits.

Once the Modular Panel sections are installed, the Fabric can then be stretched across the panel and installed using the supplied fabric installation tool. The Modular Panel System makes shipping panels larger than 4′ x 8′ affordable.



• Absorbs Reverberated Sound

• Improves Speech Intelligibility



• Shock Absorbent & Crush Proof

• Far Tougher than Paint & Fiberglass



• Mitigates Visible Damage

• fabric is easy to clean & change



• Made from 60% post-consumer content

• Adhesive & VOC Free


Modular Acoustic Panel Kits

These one-inch thick panels are perfect for providing acoustic absorption in classrooms, home theaters, conference rooms or offices.

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Modular Tackable Panel Kits

These half-inch thick panels are perfect for creating large fabric-wrapped bulletin boards for classrooms, hallways and office common areas.

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