Fabricmate Panels and Panel Systems are probably very different from what you’ve known, specified, or used in the past. They are quite frankly, superior. We offer them in a variety of formats; Pre-made Panels, Modular Panel Systems, Site-fabricated Systems, Baffles, Clouds, Privacy Panels, etc.. All formats feature our “Floating-fabric” design.

The Fabricmate System incorporates a fabric mounting frame that surrounds the chosen substrate in high-impact plastic. The selected fabric or other covering is stretched across the surface of the panel and inserted into the frame’s tight fitting jaws which hold the fabric taught, concealing the edge of the fabric in a hidden channel.


Cutaway (Not to scale)

Incredible Sustainability


Crush proof edges

The track or frame is manufactured from high-impact plastic. Wrapped fiberglass panel edges crush easily. Their edges are dipped in a resin material (that typically contain VOCs) to provide modest durability—but not significant crush resistance.

Floating-fabric design

Because the fabric covering is tautly held in place by the frames’s jaws, it is able to float freely across the face of the panel (not glued to the face like wrapped panels.) This results in a number of advantages.

Visible damage is virtually eliminated

Dents, dings, crush marks, and depressions occur almost immediately after the installation in a wrapped panel or on painted surfaces. They occur in the Fabricmate system too, but you’ll never see them because they are hidden behind the tautly stretched “free-floating” fabric cover. You can pound on our panels with a hammer and they will remain unblemished. It is the ultimate “high-impact” panel.

Avoid vertical seams

Wrapped panels are limited in size to the size of the substrate, up to no more than 4’ x 10’. This requires them to be oriented vertically in most rooms. That’s a lot of joint lines and you can’t orient the panels horizontally without even more. With the Fabricmate System, the more desirable horizontal layout is easily achieved. We can support monolithic panels up to 8’ x 180’ without a single joint. Consult our Typical Layouts page for details.

Changeable & Sustainable

Yes both, and at the same time. Because the fabric is held in the frame and not glued down, there is no need to remove the entire panel to repair it or make a design change. Just pull the fabric from the frame’s jaws and replace it. The frame and the substrate remain on the wall. Save time, save money and send fewer perfectly good construction materials to the land fill. Most of the fabrics we offer are themselves recyclable.

Conform to any architectural feature

Our Site-Fabricated System can be installed easily not only on walls, but on ceilings, soffits, in alcoves and more. Virtually any architectural detail can be accommodated, and in most cases without seams. Moreover, the Fabricmate Site-fabricated System will adjust to varying dimensions and out-of-plumb or out-of-square conditions for a perfect final finish. No unsightly gaps.

Significantly reduced maintenance costs

The Fabricmate System is much more durable than a painted surface. It just simply doesn’t show the wear. ManyFabricmate customers have had our systems in place for ten years or more (even schools) and they look as good as the day they were installed. Why paint again?

In fact, why paint at all? In new construction or remodeling, just tape the drywall joints and install the Fabricmate Site-fabricated System.
No need to mud the joints, texture, or even paint the walls. Reduce both construction and subsequent maintenance costs.


Innovative Functionality

Easy Installation


Wouldn’t it be great if you could install full size Acoustical and Tackable Panels or even cover entire walls as easily as hanging a tack board? Now you can with our Modular Panel System.

All the advantages of our site-fabricated, floating-fabric wall paneling system is now available in a ready-to-install version. No longer do you have to settle for soft-edged, easily damaged, glued-fabric panels as an alternative. Our Modular Panel System is available in heights as wide as your chosen fabric (up to 8’) and in almost any length. Enjoy the clean, unbroken appearance and good looks of these unlimited length panels. Because of their high-impact plastic frame and “floating fabric” design, they will stay looking good for years to come.

Modular Panels can be ordered with or without fabric. Choose from our unmatched selection of vertical surface fabrics or use your own. Quickly and easily install a full-length acoustical, tackable panel in hallways, offices, conference rooms, and classrooms. Add attractive, acoustical panels on the upper portion of workspace walls, quieting the space and improving speech intelligibility. The self-supporting panels can be installed directly over most surfaces.

Do It Yourself

Each year more and more people are deriving real personal satisfaction (and enjoying measurable savings) from taking on and completing home and small business improvement projects. It comes as no surprise to us that the attractiveness and functionality of stretched-fabric wall panel systems and pre-assembled panels, long valued by large businesses and institutions, would be both appreciated and sought after by DIYers.

In fact, it is the fastest growing segment of our business. Homeowners, small business, owners, even community groups such as church congregations are buying our Stretched-fabric Wall Panel Systems and IPS Pre-assembled Panels and doing the installation themselves.

Fabricmate Stretched-fabric Wall Panel Systems and IPS Pre-assembled panels add color, richness and value to your home, office and a variety of other spaces while improving acoustics, thermal advantages and functionality. They install easily, look great, and require almost no maintenance.

We’ve assembled a complete program of tools, materials and information just for the DIYers so that they can easily install Fabricmate systems and panels in their home or business. If you choose our IPS Pre-assembled Panels, they will arrive at your door ready to be mounted on almost any surface. If you choose our Stretched-fabric Wall Systems, they come complete with track, easy to handle 2’ x 4’ backing (no lifting of heavy 4’ x 8’ sheets) in ½ ” or 1” thicknesses, the fabric(s) of your choosing, an installation tool and complete easy-to-follow instructions. Of course, our technical support staff is always ready to answer your questions and to provide you with tips and techniques that will help ensure your success.