Whether doing it yourself or using a basement remodeling specialist, before getting started make sure you consider all of the important factors in finishing your basement walls. First, the design should reflect your personal tastes. Many basement wall finishing products limit you to materials and designs that work for the installer, not for you. Vertical seams (a limitation of pre-made 4’ x 8’ panels) are not very impressive. They make your basement look more like the inside of a trailer than the warm, comfortable space you desire. The Fabricmate Site-fabricated Panel System gives you complete design control. Combine styles, colors, and textures. You can even combine them with other materials like baseboards, chair rails, and crown moldings. Second, the products should be made to work in a basement environment. Our “floating-fabric” design is extremely durable and virtually impervious to impact damage. Our ReCore backings and substrates are perfect for basements as they are non-hygroscopic, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. Lastly, a top advantage of using the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the fabric can be easily changed, if desired, without replacing the entire system making redecorating a snap.