Conference room walls – more than just acoustics

For conference rooms, acoustics are typically the first concern, but acoustical, tackable and magnetically receptive panels expand the possibilities for presentations and displays. Our multi-functional panels can quickly and easily add acoustic, tackable and magnetic functionality to your existing conference rooms in one of three ways:

  • Site-fabricated – Offers maximum flexibility and customization.

  • Modular – Offers some size and fabric customization but is easier to install.

  • Pre-made – Offers standard sizes and fabric colors. Comes out of the box ready to hang.

Adding a tackable and/or magnetic option to your conference room walls expands your ability to effectively convey information. Every inch of your walls can now be perfectly acoustical, plus multi-functioning. The Fabricmate Wall Finishing Solution not only assures Acoustical functionality, but Tackable and Magnetic capabilities at the same time.