Hallways & Corridors: More Than Trafficways

No longer should your hallway just serve to be an area of traffic. No more should your hallway look worn, nor should it have poor acoustics, or no ability to communicate with the people walking through it. Keep hallway noises and conversation out of adjoining classrooms. Our acoustical and tackable panels and systems provide a sound absorbing, tackable surface to reduce sound reverberation and provide a means of communicating news regarding school events and important information. These spaces are heavily trafficked and see plenty of wear. They can’t be painted often enough to keep them good looking. Fabricmate Panels and Systems wear extremely well due to their floating-fabric design.

Hallways done right

The following gallery showcases some of the potential use of the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System when used in hallways. Modular Panels, and Site Fabricated Panels work wonders for curved and long surfaces.