Fabricmate Panels and Systems can have no greater impact than in learning environments. Applications for acoustical and tackable surfaces abound. Enhance learning by reducing reverberated sound thereby improving speech intelligibility. Turn your existing walls into sound reducing and tackable, communicative surfaces. Libraries are no different. Gain that much needed quiet and solitude using Fabricmate’s privacy panels and Acoustic Panels.

They install easily and can be used on almost any existing surface. They add texture and warmth top your libraries not available from a painted surface. In addition, they allow for greater flexibility in design and work well in conjunction with other materials. They are extremely durable and can virtually eliminate the need to repaint thereby reducing annual maintenance costs. With the use of the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System, libraries no longer need to suffer from high traffic. Fabricmate Panels and Systems are currently being used in hundreds of in libraries throughout North America. The following images showcase just a few of Fabricmate Panels’ decor and use.