48″x48″ ‘FR701’ Modular Tackable Panel Kit with ‘Aquamarine’ Fabric Wrapped on a Beveled Edge Black Frame

1/2″ Thick Fabric Wrapped Modular Panel Kit





Installation Hardware Included

VOC & Adhesive Free

Changeable Fabric

Custom Is Standard

Every effort has been made to ensure the color accuracy of the digital images, however, color may vary. If in doubt, order a fabric sample.


$197.95 Each

Installation is incredibly easy

Using a level to ensure the panels go on straight, mount the end module. Though you can use anything from nail to a staple gun ee recommend using a power drill with screws since it allows you to drill with one hand and use the other hand to hold the panel in place. We recommend two screws per edge. So end moduls will be mounted with six screws: two at the top edge, two at the bottom edge and two on the outer edge.

Take care as you hang each additional Module, double-checking to ensure the track edges meet and fit together snugly.

Fit the fabric incrementally into the jaws using our Rocker Tool. A good sturdy putty knife could work here too but the Rocker Tool really does make a big difference.

Don't worry about getting it 100% perfect with each insertion. What makes our track so special is that it is designed to allow adjustments. The fabric can be pulled and tweaked to ensure a perfectly even and flat surface. So if you accidentally cause a fold or crease just pull the fabric from the jaws and try again.

Before moving on to the next step, step back and make sure the fabric looks good on the panel. If it has a pattern is it straight? If it has a texture are there any sections that look warped? If so, fixing these issues is easy and quick. Most of the time, all you need to do is insert a bit more fabric around the edges to pull everything straight and make it uniform.

Using a good pair of sturdy Ergonomic Fabric Shears cut away the excess fabric. Leaving an inch or two is perfectly fine, the hidden channels are designed to hide that excess fabric.

Using either our Rocker Tool or ourFabric Roller Tool to work the excess fabric into the hidden channel. The Rocker Tool is perfect for hiding away the bits at the corners.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could install full size Acoustical and Tackable Panels or even cover entire walls as easily as hanging a tack board? Now you can with our Modular Panel System.

All the advantages of our site-fabricated, floating-fabric wall paneling system is now available in a ready-to-install version. No longer do you have to settle for soft-edged, easily damaged, glued-fabric panels as an alternative. Our Modular Panel System is available in heights as wide as your chosen fabric (up to 8’) and in almost any length. Enjoy the clean, unbroken appearance and good looks of these unlimited length panels. Because of their high-impact plastic frame and “floating fabric” design, they will stay looking good for years to come.

Modular Panels can be ordered with or without fabric. Choose from our unmatched selection of vertical surface fabrics or use your own. Quickly and easily install a full-length acoustical, tackable panel in hallways, offices, conference rooms, and classrooms. Add attractive, acoustical panels on the upper portion of workspace walls, quieting the space and improving speech intelligibility. The self-supporting panels can be installed directly over most surfaces.

Do It Yourself

Each year more and more people are deriving real personal satisfaction (and enjoying measurable savings) from taking on and completing home and small business improvement projects. It comes as no surprise to us that the attractiveness and functionality of stretched-fabric wall panel systems and pre-assembled panels, long valued by large businesses and institutions, would be both appreciated and sought after by DIYers.

In fact, it is the fastest growing segment of our business. Homeowners, small business, owners, even community groups such as church congregations are buying our Stretched-fabric Wall Panel Systems and IPS Pre-assembled Panels and doing the installation themselves.

Fabricmate Stretched-fabric Wall Panel Systems and IPS Pre-assembled panels add color, richness and value to your home, office and a variety of other spaces while improving acoustics, thermal advantages and functionality. They install easily, look great, and require almost no maintenance.

We’ve assembled a complete program of tools, materials and information just for the DIYers so that they can easily install Fabricmate systems and panels in their home or business. If you choose our IPS Pre-assembled Panels, they will arrive at your door ready to be mounted on almost any surface. If you choose our Stretched-fabric Wall Systems, they come complete with track, easy to handle 2’ x 4’ backing (no lifting of heavy 4’ x 8’ sheets) in ½ ” or 1” thicknesses, the fabric(s) of your choosing, an installation tool and complete easy-to-follow instructions. Of course, our technical support staff is always ready to answer your questions and to provide you with tips and techniques that will help ensure your success.

What are Modular Panels?

Modular Panels are a hybrid of our Pre-made Panels and Site-fabricated System. They are delivered in pre-made sections called Ends and Fields. A Modular Panel consists of two End sections and the number of Field sections needed to create the desired panel length. These sections are installed together on a wall to form the panel. Then the Fabric can be stretched across the panel and installed using the supplied fabric insertion tool. The Modular Panel System makes panels greater than 4'x8' possible that are easy to install while greatly reducing shipping costs.

Useful Anywhere

Fabricmate Tackable Modular Panels are perfect for Classrooms, Hallways, Lobbies, Libraries, Conference Rooms, Offices, Residential and any place where panels with a long uninterruped length are needed to provide a tackable surface and improve aesthetics. Place them in hallways to provide an area to post announcements. In classrooms, these panels provide a tackable surface to display documents plus some acoustics to improve speech intelligibility. In offices they provide beauty and functionality to all of your wall surfaces. Put them up in your kids room to provide a fabric canvas where your child's creativity can run wild.

Guilford of Maine's FR701

This tough sound soaking fabric is woven from 100% recyclable or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product. Not only is it easy to clean, it is notoriously difficult to damage and by nature, resists warping and stretching. This is a set it and forget it fabric and with it on your panel you won't have to worry about maintenance. Clean with a dry cloth if it becomes dusty. Scrub with a damp cloth if it gets dirty and allow it to air dry.

Weight 10.8 lbs
Dimensions 48 x 24 x 3 in

Why “floating” fabric?

Cutaway of panel showing how the fabric floats.

Because the fabric covering is tautly held in place by the frame's hidden jaws, it is able to float freely across the face of the panel (not glued to the face like other wrapped panels.)

Changeable & Sustainable

Fabricmate is committed to sensible and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Yes both, and at the same time. Because the fabric is held in the frame and not glued down, it's easy to take the panel down and replace the fabric. Just pull the fabric from the frame’s jaws and replace it. Save time, save money and send fewer perfectly good construction materials to the land fill. Most of the fabrics we offer are themselves recyclable.

Easy to clean

Our panels are routinely used in high traffic areas such as, hallways, classrooms, theaters and other public places and last for years. As opposed to paint, they look better when installed, stay looking better much longer, and reduce maintenance costs.


Hammer hitting one of durable fabric wrapped panels

Our panels are extremely durable and long-lasting. The frame is made from a high-impact plastic that will not shatter or break. The ReCore® backing is made from semi-rigid non-woven polyester that is incredibly tough and able to absorb hammer blows and other impacts without surface damage. Many of our fabrics are highly resistant to wear, self-healing when tacked and look great even after years of use.


Close-up shot of thumbtack in one of our fabric bulletin board panels

ReCore®, the dense mesh of non-woven polyester used in our panels makes for a perfect tackboard. Tacks and pins stay where you stick them. Not only does ReCore® provide a tighter “grip” than cork and wood fiberboard, it will not break down and crumble over time. ReCore® naturally self-heals. You can stick it with pushpins, thumb tacks, staples, etc. and like magic, there are no holes leftover when they are removed.

Anti-microbial – Non-hydroscopic

The ReCore® backing used in our panels is both anti-microbial and non-hydroscopic. It is resistant to bacteria and fungal growth, is non-toxic and non-allergenic. It does not absorb moisture and will not rot, deteriorate or change color over time.

Adhesive Free

Because our panels are adhesive free they have no glue and no VOC's which makes for a smarter product design. Since the fabric in our panels is not glued down instead it is held tightly in place by the frame and freely floats over the backing surface. This advantage has the superior ability to negate impact damage including hammer blows. This also allows the fabric to be easily changed. It just makes sense.


Our panels are made from components that are durable but light in weight. This makes our panels easy to ship, easy to handle, and easy to install. Compared to wood or metal panels, our fabric stretched panels are much lighter and just as durable if not more so.

Thermally Insulative

Thermal insulation reduces the flow of heat through walls, ceilings, roofs and floors. The ReCore® backing used in our panels can provide an additional measure of thermal insulation on any surface. Additional insulation helps lower the energy required to maintain comfortable temperatures in a room and thus helps lower energy costs.