5 Series – Fabric Wall Panel Kit with FR701 Fabric, Square Profile, Natural Frame

  • Large Panel in a Small Box
  • Acoustical
  • High Impact Frame
  • Quick & Easy to Install with Pre-cut Components
  • Made from Recycled Materials

$33.95$196.95 Each

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Our 5 Series Kit includes all the materials you need to build on-wall, a pre-sized acoustical and/or tackable fabric covered panel. Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer as all the components (fabric mounting frame, backing and fabric) are pre-cut to size and ready to assemble. We recommend using our DIY Fabric Installation Rocker Tool when installing the fabric for a quick & easy install and professional looking results.

Required Tools

Power Drill


Recommended Tools

What’s Included


Fabric Mounting Frame

Made from high-impact PVC plastic, the fabric mounting frame surrounds the panel, ‘framing’ it. The fabric tucks into the hidden channel and is held taut over the surface by the frame jaws.

Panel Backing: Acoustic Cotton

Our Acoustic Cotton Backing is an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass or mineral wool acoustic insulation. The natural cotton fibers are 100% recyclable and are made from at least 85% post-industrial recycled content, making them ideal for LEED certified projects.

Panel Backing: Poly Batting

Our Poly-Batting sound absorption damping fiber deepens bass, provides cleaner midrange, and improves the dynamic extension of any speaker system. There are no health hazards with our Poly-Batting and no mask or gloves are needed when using this product; the melting point is a very high 490°F. Though normally used to infill speakers and subwoofers, our Poly-Batting works excellently to absorb reverberated sound in an acoustic panel.

Panel Backing: Acoustic Wool

Our Acoustic Wool Insulation has a propensity for high acoustical performance. It is made from a blend of Wool and Polyester fibers. Both the multi-directional fiber orientation and the density of the material work together to provide excellent sound absorption. Acoustic Wool is a safe, non toxic, allergy friendly, light weight material that has high tensile strenth & incredible acoustic absorption.

FR701 Fabric

This tough sound soaking fabric is woven from 100% recyclable or compostable material using increasingly sustainable manufacturing practices to produce a high quality product. Not only is it easy to clean, it is notoriously difficult to damage and by nature, resists warping and stretching. This is a set it and forget it fabric and with it on your panel you won’t have to worry about maintenance. It is ideal for Acoustic Wall Panels, Speaker Coverings and for wrapping bulletin board panels.

  • Available in select sizes ranging from 24″x24″ to 48″x96″
  • Choose from various backings such as Cotton, Poly Batting & Wool. No Backing option also available
  • Available in FR701 Colors – Black, Chrome Green, Cobalt, Grey Mix, Red & Sunshine.
  • Don’t see the color you desire? Please call us for special order
  • Every effort has been made to ensure the fabric color accuracy of the digital images, however, fabric color may vary.
  • Other colors available through special order