MagTack® – Magnetically Receptive Veneer

  • 24 inches Width x 12 inches Length
  • Glue to wall or other surfaces
  • Use Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets
  • Price per linear foot
  • 5 foot minimum order

$7.50 per lin. foot

 A new way to display. Now you no longer need to tack up important display work creating holes in documents and photos, use Magnets. Use this unique magnetically receptive veneer to create functional wall surfaces. Use it over 1/2″ cores with our site-fabricated system and a decorative fabric finish, or use it behind one of our many direct apply wallcoverings. Use our Rare Earth magnets for best results.
It works well in office, home, and school environments and anywhere else a magnetically receptive (and tackable!) surface is needed. It can be easily applied using readily available adhesives.



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