Pin-It-Mate Tackable Board Tile with MagTak

• Tackable, holds tighter than cork.

• Great for bed rooms and offices.

• Durable,will not crumble over time.

• Acoustical properties.

• Made with recycled materials, non toxic.

$13.95$32.95 Per 4 Sheets


The Pin-It-Mate Tackable Board Tiles are made from the same lightweight and durable material as our ReCore. Pin-It-Mate makes an excellent addition to most any type of room you might want a tackable or magnetic surface in. Excellent for offices and dorms, or even around the house. Made from polyester fibers these are non-toxic, hypoallergenic and naturally self-healing. They are paintable and do not breakdown or crumble over time. They hold tighter than cork and make excellent “Hot Spots” for installations where having the entire wall tackable, or magnetic is not necessary.



1/4″ – 1/2″ Thick

Full Tackability

9.4 PCF Density

0.50 Acoustic NRC

Revolutionary ReCore®

ReCore® is a semi-rigid, lightweight, environmentally responsible multi-purpose insulation made from 100% non-woven polyester fiber. It is made from 60% post consumer content (recycled plastic beverage containers), and is, itself, 100% recyclable.

Available in multiple thicknesses, densities and colors. It is ideal as acoustic insulation for panels, walls, and ceilings. It is unsurpassed as a tackable surface while simultaneously providing impact-resistant shock absorbency. It can also be used as ceiling tiles, as a duct liner and as a sound deadening medium below carpeting and wood flooring.

ReCore® is totally VOC free and contains no harmful chemicals. It is non-hygroscopic, anti-microbial and anti-fungal.

Key Features & Benefits


Enhances Speech Intelligibility
Absorbs Reverberated Sound
Increases Audio Clarity



Very Long Lasting
Impact Resistant
Shock Absorbent



60% Post-Consumer Product
100% Recyclable
Reduces Waste
VOC Free



Holds tighter Than Cork
Will Not Crumble
Naturally Self-Heals



Antimicrobial & Anti-Fungal
Naturally Flame Retardant



Reduces Maintenance Costs
Easy To Work With


Sensible sustainability

Polyester is a versatile, sustainable and safe fiber that is incredibly popular in the medical and hospitality industries. Not only is polyester lightweight and incredibly tough, it is resistant to mold, mildew and most chemicals. Polyester makes for a perfect insulation.

Polyester is capable of being processed into rigid sheets or into soft but durable fabrics. Not only is it lightweight and incredibly tough, it is resistant to mold and mildew. As a construction material, it absorbs less than 1% of moisture by weight while maintaining its dimensional stability when subjected to adverse conditions.

Polyester is non-allergenic and naturally inhibits bacterial and fungal growth. It is fire resistant and requires a very high temperature to burn. We use Polyester products that are free of VOC's and harmful chemicals and adhesives.

Polyester is an incredibly renewable resource. It is inexpensive to recycle and can be easily processed for a huge variety of applications. A large portion of our everyday trash can be reused to create construction materials or any number of other products.


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