Single-Pin Impaling Clips


  • Single-pin galvanized steel w/washer
  • 2 inch square base in either perforated or self-adhesive style
  • Available in 2 inch and 2.5 inch pin lengths
  • Perfect for use with ReCore & other semi-rigid substrates
  • 4 to 8 pins per backing sheet recommended
  • Boss Insulation Anchor Pin System Adhesive recommended for use with perforated style

$0.45 Each

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Impaling Clips are used to attach semi-rigid insulation to solid surfaces.

Single-pin Impaling Clips mount to most surfaces. Available with self-adhesive or perforated variations (to be used with mounting adhesive – sold separately). Affix impaling clip(s) to mounting surface. Simply position the insulation and press it on the pins and against the mounting surface. Carefully place retaining washer over pin and press in place (CAUTION: do not place hands or fingers in front of pins). Closely trim any portion of the pin that remains.

Compatible with ½ in., 3⁄4 in., 1 in., & 2 in. semi-rigid insulations

Insulation Anchor Pin System Adhesive suggested for use with pins with perforated base


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