Sample of Trellis Cubicle Fabric – Spring

8″ x 9″ Sample Piece.
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Every effort has been made to ensure the color accuracy of the digital images, however, color may vary. If in doubt, order a fabric sample.

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This Fabric Is Ideal For:

  • Acoustic Wall Panels In Music Studios & Home Theaters
  • Tackable & Acoustic Modular Wall Panel Kits
  • Tackable Fabric-Wrapped Bulletin Board Panels
  • MagTack Magnetically Receptive Bulletin Board Panels


Please be advised that a sample should not be used as a cutting for approval. They are pre-cut by the manufacturer and may not necessarily be from the same bolt or dye lot as the fabric you order. A slight difference in color may be present.


Breaking Strength (ASTM D5034)

200 lbf min. warp and 100 lbf min fill

Tear (ASTM D2261)

10 lbf min. warp and fill

Seam Slippage (ASTM D4034)

60 lbf min. warp and fill

Colorfastness to light (AATCC 16 Option 3)

Grade 4 min. at 60 hours

Colorfastness to crocking (AATCC 8)

Grade 4 min. dry & Grade 3 min. wet


NFPA 701 TM#1 - Pass



100% FR Polyester


13.5 ± 1.0 oz./lin. yd.


72" min. useable


20.8" vertical, 18.9" horizontal


FR antimicrobial

Guilford of Maine's Chitosan based antimicrobial finish is a derivative of discarded snow crab shells, an abundant, renewable resource and a waste product of the seafood industry. This product inhibits the growth and odor of bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi on textiles and treated surfaces. It is different from products that clean or disinfect; it works between cleanings to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungi that cause odor, stains, discoloration, decay and deterioration of treated materials.
Chitosan based antimicrobial finish was tested against Enterobacter aerogenes, Klebseilla pneumoniae, Staphylococcus aureus, Trichophyton rubrum, Aspergillus niger, Chaetomnum globosum, Penisillium varians, Stachybotrys chartarmum, and Trichoderma viride.
Test results demonstrate product efficacy at the recommended use rate. Antimicrobial is standard on all Guilford of Maine cubicle products.



Cleaning Code

Standard Care Label W-S. Commercial wash at 160°F maximum wash temperature using detergents recommended for the type of washing machines being used, no chlorine bleach. Rinse warm. Do not overload the washer as this may result in inadequate cleansing of the fabric and excessive wrinkling. Dry on synthetic (cool) setting until slightly damp or just dry. Do not overload the dryer. Over-drying or drying at hot temperatures may cause unacceptable shrinkage to occur. If necessary, press with a cool iron (“polyester” or “synthetics” setting, max temp 275° F).


Every effort has been made to ensure color accuracy of the digital images, however, please order a sample before specification. Colors may vary between dye lots. This is a directional fabric. Proudly woven in the USA supporting our local communities.

Trellis Fabric Card

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This fabric – and the many others like it we carry – is perfect for use with our Fabric Wall Finishing System. Combined with our Track and ReCore Backing, this fabric can be used to create anything from a full-wall covering to a group of panels that will improve acoustics, protect your walls and provide you with a tackable surface to pin documents, posters or reminders.


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