Sound transference is an ongoing noise control problem.

SoundSentinel® is the perfect answer to contain sound transmission by absorbing sound, inhibiting its reverberation and transmission through a structure.

SoundSentinel® is the industry standard for soundproofing walls and a premier choice among architects, contractors and do-it-yourselfers.

When combined with Fabricmate’s Acoustic Fabric Wall Finishing System it provides a massive improvement in the absorption of reverberated and transmitted sound.

The SoundSentinel® line can be used on bare studs, layered between sheets of drywall or installed behind our acoustic fabric wall systems to absorb sound transmission between rooms.

Unlike other sound barrier products, the SoundSentinel® line is an environmentally Safe EVA Barrier made from non-vinyl EBD.

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Walls, Ceilings, Pipes & an Environmentally Safe EVA Barrier

STC: up to 65 – Reducing sound pressure by 75%

SoundSentinel® Under Wall is a mass loaded barrier designed for commercial, industrial and residential applications to reduce sound disturbances in a space. It is used primarily behind finished wall or ceiling surfaces to block and dampen noise across the sound spectrum. Under Wall is also extremely effective as a pipe and duct wrap, to absorb additional noises.

And, because it resists mold and mildew, Under Wall is also a great air and moisture barrier to improve HVAC efficiency.

Pair with Fabricmate’s Acoustic Fabric Wall Finishing System for a comprehensive and versatile noise control solution.

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Acoustical Sound Barrier & Isolator

Up to 30% greater performance than mass loaded vinyl alone – Reducing noise by up to 75%

SoundSentinel® MAX offers the best protection against noise. Used by architects and contractors, this flexible material is designed for installation in new wall and retrofit wall applications. Install SoundSentinel® MAX between the exposed studs and the drywall to reduce noise inside the structure by up to 75%!

This innovative material has been tested and certified to meet sound transmission class (STC) standards and create quieter, more private spaces. Use with Fabricmate’s Acoustic Fabric Wall Finishing System for great sound absorption and isolation.