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This course looks at the aesthetic and functional versatility of stretched-fabric wall-finishing systems. We will review their components: their acoustic, thermal, aesthetic, and wall protection functions; code and green building applicability.


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Our staff has been involved in every aspect of the design, specification and installation of floating-fabric wall panel systems and pre-assembled panels from project management to the actual installation. There are many considerations and they can often be complex. We understand all of those considerations fully and design professionals have found that they can rely upon us to provide complete technical information and support.

This support includes detail drawings, material and assembled system flammability and NRC test certifications, CSI Guide Specifications and of course, our experienced and knowledgeable staff.



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As early as the concept and pre-planning stages of any project, we work with architects and designers by employing value engineering right from the start. Every space has unique aspects and our team can analyze the application and make recommendations for layout, materials, application methods, installation timing, even product and installation warranty requirements based on the specified aesthetic, acoustical, and functional requirements. Through these efforts, we help you avoid costly mistakes both at bid time and during construction.

Material requirements and labor costs are reduced, the proper materials are identified and on-hand, and production delays are avoided. This will help ensure that your original vision for the space is realized and doesn’t succumb to budget limitations.


Fabric Groups

Similarly priced fabrics are grouped together to make Specification & Substitution easier for Architects & Designers as well as simplify the Job Bidding Process for Contractors.

Fabric Feature Icons

We’ve taken the time to test our entire fabric offering and use clickable icons to indicate their effective features. This should make it easier to choose fabrics that work for the application you’re using them in.


We offer a full catalog of samples representing each component of our Wall Finishing System so that you can know exactly what to expect from the materials.


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Unlike pre-wrapped panels which are edge treated to develop modest durability and which have their coverings permanently glued to the substrate, the Fabricmate System incorporates a high-impact “framework” which frames the panels, rendering their edges virtually crush proof. Another advantage of our track is that it permits the selected covering to be easily inserted into hidden, tight fitting jaws which hold the fabric taught, allowing the fabric to “float” above the surface of the panel. This eliminates almost all the visible surface damage that invariably occurs in pre-wrapped panels. Most of the fabrics we offer have 100% recycled content and they themselves can be recycled.


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Value Engineering helps to achieve the optimum balance between function, performance, quality, safety, and cost. Our support staff will work with you every step of the way. We’re here to help.

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Why Paint?

Paint offers little protection and functionality to the walls it covers. It scuffs easily and does nothing for acoustics. Worst of all, maintaining painted walls in high-traffic areas requires constant effort. Do away with the mess and hassle of paint and cover your walls with something more sustainable.

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Wall Finishing Redefined

The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the perfect alternative to paint. It is high-impact, offering superior wall protection. It absorbs reverberated sound to significantly improve acoustics. By design it mitigates visible damage, lasting far longer than painted walls while greatly reducing maintenance costs.

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