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Customers are demanding more from their walls.

Not only do they want their walls to look good, they want their walls to be useful.

They want impact resistance, acoustics and tackability all while reducing maintenance costs.

Easily Create Better Living, Learning & Work Environments

Customers are demanding more from their walls.

Not only do they want their walls to look good, they want their walls to be useful.

They want impact resistance, acoustics and tackability all while reducing maintenance costs.


Wall Finishing Redefined

The Fabricmate Fabric Wall Finishing System is an easy-to-install, high-performance stretched fabric system unlike any you’ve seen before.


More Than A Wrapped Panel

Unlike traditional wrapped panels, with our VOC free Site-Fabricated System there is no need to field measure and no long lead times.


Capture The New Demand

Paint may dominate the market now but that’s changing. Be the first in your area to offer this superior alternative.


The Fabricmate Guarantee

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with using an innovative product backed by an industry leading warranty.


There’s More Than One Way To Finish A Wall

Paint is pretty great. We’re not big fans but we realize it’s appeal. It’s readily available, inexpensive, fairly easy to apply, renewable and attractive. There is a reason it’s the wall finishing of choice. But it’s not the wall finishing of choice for every situation.

Increasingly, customers are demanding more from their largest amount of unused space – their walls. Many of them, in addition to needing something that looks good, want functionality. They demand impact resistance for safety and wall protection. They want acoustical performance to improve sound quality. They are tired of having only small bulletin boards to tack & pin to. They are asking for something more.

Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing Systems meet all of these design and functional requirements, all while reducing maintenance costs and not breaking their budget.

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Jump Start Your Toolbox Get The Professional Starter Kit


Our Professional Starter Kit contains all the tools you need to get started with our Stretch-Fabric Wall Finishing Systems.

Whether you are a contractor looking to expand your skill offering, an Education or Corporate professional concerned about reducing maintenance costs, a Home Theater enthusiast, or you just want to Do-It-Yourself (DIY), this kit has you covered.

Your company can get started right away. There are no licensing fees or up-front costs. Our Wall Finishing Systems are fabricated on-site so there is no need to worry about panel sizes, materials or color availability. You won’t need to perform field measurements before-hand or deal with long lead times. Our products are immediately available either from our warehouse in Ventura, CA or any number of other distributors such as L&W Supply. We provide complete project estimation, value engineering, technical support and training completely free. Our Wall Finishing Systems practically sell themselves and we want to make it as easy as possible for our contractors to expand their services, add a new source of revenue and satisfy their customers

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Opportunities AboundBecome An Installer

The best thing about the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is it’s incredible versatility. It can conform to nearly any architectural feature and naturally adjusts to out-of-true conditions. It easily incorporates different materials and allows creativity in design without hindering ease-of-installation. It is durable, changeable, sustainable and looks great.


Whether you’re looking at a new construction, tenant improvement or a simple remodel, the Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the ideal solution. Contractors have been installing our systems for decades in a multitude of commercial and residential applications including businesses, schools, hotels, hospitals, medical offices, churches, home theaters, basements and many more.

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Submittals & Substitutions Made Easy Submittal/Substitution Builder


Covering everything from our Site-Fabricated System, to Premade Panels to Raw Uncovered Core, our submittal builder is equipped with everything you need.

Our Submittal & Substitution Builder is the perfect tool to help you gather all the data sheets, testing documents and certifications you need to create a complete submittal or substitution.

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Submittal Builder

Time For Another Look The Fabricmate Advantage

If you haven’t taken a look at stretched-fabric wall covering systems in a while, now is the time. If you’ve looked at them before and you found it lacking in functionality or just not worth the effort, now is the time to take another look.

Almost all track systems are sold exclusively through licensed regional suppliers. If you want to bid their product, you have to sub the job out to them, increasing your costs and making your bid less competitive. Or worse, they bid the job, directly cutting you out altogether. This needs to stop and we at Fabricmate are committed to offering a functional wall finishing solution that is as effortless to install as it is to bid.


Fabricmate Has The Experience You Need To Get The Job Done!

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We’re Here To Help

Fabricmate has been training contractors since 1989 – at no charge! We host 1/2, 1 & 2 day training sessions every month in our workshop. Be the next fabric wall finishing installer in your hometown.

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Increase Your Profits

Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems are quick & easy to install and are priced competitively. Our Wall Finishing Systems can be installed in any environment. The possibilities are endless!

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Sensible Sustainability

The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System utilizes a glue-free, crush proof design that is durable and easy to install. Most fabrics we offer have 100% recycled content that can be recycled.

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Available On Demand

Our system components are always immediately available. While advance notice is always appreciated, we maintain full inventories of all our products. No more long order lead times. Change orders are easily accommodated.

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Why Paint?

Paint offers little protection and functionality to the walls it covers. It scuffs easily and does nothing for acoustics. Worst of all, maintaining painted walls in high-traffic areas requires constant effort. Do away with the mess and hassle of paint and cover your walls with something more sustainable.

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Wall Finishing Redefined

The Fabricmate Wall Finishing System is the perfect alternative to paint. It is high-impact, offering superior wall protection. It absorbs reverberated sound to significantly improve acoustics. By design it mitigates visible damage, lasting far longer than painted walls while greatly reducing maintenance costs.

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Leading The Way


You may not be aware that there are significant differences between what is generically referred to as “pre-wrapped” panels and “stretched-fabric” wall panels and systems. Unlike pre-wrapped panels which are edge treated to develop modest durability and which have their coverings permanently glued to the substrate, the Fabricmate System incorporates a track system which frames the panels in high-impact plastic, rendering their edges virtually crush proof.

Our track system is self-scribing; easily adjusting to on-site conditions. Another advantage of our track is that it permits the selected covering to be easily inserted into tight fitting jaws which hold the fabric taught, allowing the fabric to “float” above the surface of the panel. This eliminates almost all the visible surface damage that invariable occurs in pre-wrapped panels. Moreover the fabric can be changed should it become damaged, soiled, or if a change in fabric is desired.


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