In larger institutions, facilities directors and maintenance managers are often directly involved with the specification and installation of floating-fabric wall panel systems and pre-assembled panels. They have recognized the aesthetic, acoustical, and functional benefits these systems offer as compared to painted walls. Although those benefits are reason enough, short product lead times, fast and easy installation, sustainability, and significantly reduced maintenance costs make our systems and panels an easy choice. Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing System is a perfect match to meet the needs of almost any facility.


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Fabricmate Systems Pre-made Panels, Modular Panel Systems, and Site-fabricated Systems look great. They add a richness and depth you just can’t get from painted drywall or concrete. Acoustical performance is important and drywall offers almost none. “Speech intelligibility” is quickly becoming a required component of room design. All of our component products, as appropriate, and our finished systems and panels have been tested for acoustical performance.

Ideal for lobbies, meeting rooms, auditoriums, offices, classrooms, student housing, and anywhere else clear, uninterrupted communications are needed. Many of our systems and panels are tackable as well as acoustical. Non-acoustical, functional panels (i.e. tackable and magnetic) are also available. All are rated ASTM E84, Class A.


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Our new interactive product & specifications binder takes everything you love about our physical binder and digitizes it. Not only have we created a convenient and compact pdf, we’ve made it interactive, including links to relevant web pages on every page to make using it a breeze.

What’s included:

• The Fabricmate Product Catalog
• A complete collection of our Data Sheets
• A selection of our most popular Fabric Cards
• Our Product comparison Sheets
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We will happily teach you everything you need to know about specifying our systems in a quick webinar style training. We’re here to help you get it right the first time. Give us a call or fill out the form below to sign up for a free lunch & learn today!

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Includes Everything You Need To Get Started

It’s time to refresh and remodel. Before you even think about applying another coat of paint, consider the advantages Fabricmate’s Wall Finishing Solutions can offer as a sustainable and budget friendly alternative to paint.

This kit is ideal for Facilities & Maintenance personnel who want to self-install their own wall finishing to save money and time. Do it your way on your schedule. You can do it. We can help.

The included kits are meant to help you decide what is best for your facility. An example of each of our systems is present in the Facilities & Maintenance Starter Kit, making it easy for you to figure out what system –or combination of systems– is best for your facility.

Make A Good First Impression


Whether in lobbies, hallways, offices or common areas, the beauty, acoustical performance and functionality of Fabricmate Panels and Systems make that all important first impression. They convey warmth and comfort and improve speech intelligibility by significantly reducing the volume of reverberated sound and shortening reverberation times.

Fabricmate Wall Finishing Systems create that high-tech feel that people love. They transform plain walls into massive tackable bulletin boards for hanging posters, art & reminders without risk of damaging the wall behind. They improve acoustics by absorbing reverberated sound and reducing noise levels. Their built-to-last durability provides a high-impact barrier that – unlike paint – protects your wall without need for constant maintenance.


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We will happily teach you everything you need to know about specifying our systems in a quick webinar style training. We’re here to help you get it right the first time.

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Enjoy Peace of Mind

We offer an unsurpassed lifetime warranty on the frame and ReCore backing. Our “No Cost” Fabric Replacement Plans are available to School Districts, Colleges, Universities, Companies and other Institutions free of charge.

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Incredible Changeability

Our Wall Finishing Systems allow for quick & easy fabric replacement. If your current fabric becomes damaged, soiled or a design change is desired, you can simply pull the current fabric out of the track channel and add your new fabric with ease.

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Why Paint?

Paint offers little protection and functionality to the walls it covers. It scuffs easily and does nothing for acoustics. Worst of all, maintaining painted walls in high-traffic areas requires constant effort.

Do away with the mess and hassle of paint and cover your walls with something more sustainable.

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Available On-Demand

Our system components are always immediately available. While advance notice is always appreciated, we maintain full inventories of all our products.

No more long order lead times. Change orders are easily accommodated. Most of our orders ship out the very next business day.

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While most of our education, corporate, government and military customers use outside contractors for their large-scale installations (i.e., multiple classrooms or dorm rooms), we find that their building services and/or maintenance departments are often faced with the challenge of addressing the smaller projects, in a timely manner. There is always an ongoing requirement for installation of our products in single rooms, offices and corridors, as well as tackboards, door boards, acoustical panels and of course the occasional maintenance and repair of existing installations. We can help.

We are ready to provide you with complete support for the Fabricmate System whether you want to do a lot, or just a little. We can arrange to equip your maintenance staff with all of the necessary tools, technical information, and an initial supply of materials so that you can begin getting familiar with installing the Fabricmate site-fabricated system, or building your own pre-made panels, fast and easy.


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