Use them in commercial and home offices, conference rooms, schools, kid’s rooms, modular workstations, hallways and anywhere you need to tack documents, pictures, notes, anything! Fabric covered and color coordinated, Fabricmate Tackable Panels are extremely durable and can be tacked repeatedly with no degradation in performance. Our decorative Tackable Panels offer the flexibility to customize your display space and can cover one small area on a wall or cover the entire wall corner to corner, floor to ceiling. You can have our Tackable Panels installed on one wall or several to better meet your needs.

Have whole Pre-made Panels assembled and delivered to your door for comfort and ease, Modular Panels manufactured for any size, or have the panels fabricated On Site to fit any shape!



'Site Fabricated' Wall Finishing

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Conforms to Any Architectural Feature  •  Significantly Reduces Maintenance Costs

'Ready-To-Hang' Premade Panels

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Useful Anywhere  •  Built-To-Last  •  Mounting Hardware Is Included

'Ready-To-Install' Modular Panel Kits

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Fast & Easy Installation  •  Unlimited Length  •  2' to 8' Heights Available

Key Features and Benefits

Our Wall Finishing Systems benefit from an array of advantages. Just because our acoustic panels lines are specialized for maximum sound absorption, doesn't mean they don't also provide other functional benefits.

They protect and adorn your walls, providing high-impact wall protection while serving as a tackable surface, giving the same functionality as a bulletin board without sacrificing aesthetics, durability or the acoustical benefits.

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