ReCore ® and the Environment

When it comes to building materials do you ask yourself: Are they sustainable? Are they made from recycled content and also recyclable? Do they hold up against moisture? Are they safe to handle? When it comes to ReCore®, the answer is YES!

Fabricmate’s ReCore® is a revolutionary insulation made from 100% non-woven recycled/recyclable polyester fiber. Semi-rigid and incredibly lightweight, ReCore® is impact-resistant, thermally insulating and sound absorbing, making it an excellent choice for durable wall protection while retaining excellent acoustical properties. Available in multiple thicknesses and densities – higher densities offer better tackability while the higher thicknesses offer better acoustic sound absorption – it is the logical choice for acoustical insulation for wall panels, ceiling tiles, duct liners and a sound deadening medium below carpeting and wood flooring.

ReCore® is the environmentally responsible alternative to other substrates that typically require protection to handle and are not recyclable. The recycled polyester fiber content contributes to lessening dependence on petroleum as a raw material source. This prolongs landfill life, reducing toxic emissions from incinerators and helping to promote new recycling streams, resulting in less air, water, and soil contamination.ReCore® is naturally resistant to insects, spores and bacteria making it anti-fungal and anti-microbial. Being free of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), like formaldehyde, makes it completely safe in enclosed environments.

Whether you need excellent acoustical performance, tackability, impact resistance, thermal insulation, a product free from VOCs, one with a high post-consumer recycled content or all of the above, Fabricmate’s ReCore® is the high-performance and environmentally responsible choice.

Fabricmate® Frame Profiles

Fabulous Frames

Fabricmate® has over 16 Fabulous Frame Profiles. Whether you’re looking for wall protection, acoustic solutions, something tackable, or a beautiful paint alternative, we’ve got you covered!

Quarter-Inch Slim-Line®

Quarter-Inch Slim-Line® is available in a square profile and is designed for minimal wall protrusion while still providing a flexible platform for tackable and protective benefits.

Ideal For:

  • Printed Fabric Graphic Wall Murals
  • Wall Protection
  • Bulletin Board Installations

Half-Inch Classic-Line®

Half-Inch Classic-Line® is available in several frame profiles. Choose from Square, Beveled, Low-Leg or Side Load to customize your look without sacrificing functionality! Side Load profiles available in Square or Beveled.

Ideal For:

  • Printed Graphic Wall Murals
  • Wall Protection
  • Tackable & Acoustical Wall Panels

One-Inch Full-Line®

One-Inch Full-Line® offers several profiles & is designed to provide industry standard acoustic absorption & wall protection. Square, Beveled, Low-Leg, and Side Loading frames are available with our Side Load option offered in a Square or Beveled profile.

Ideal For:

  • Reducing Sound Reverberation
  • Wall Protection
  • Home Theaters, Recording Studios and other Acoustical applications

Two Inch + Max-Line®

BRAND NEW! Two Inch + Max-Line® takes acoustic absorption & wall protection to the next level! Available in standard, low-leg and beveled profiles, Max Line comes in depths of 2 to 4 inches.

Ideal For:

  • Excellent Acoustical Performance
  • Maxmium Wall Protection
  • Two Inch applications and beyond!

Fabricmate® has a frame profile for virtually every need, application and venue,
so don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote, today.

Selection of Frame Profiles
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Typical Patterns and Layouts


Typical Layouts for 7 Series Site-fabricated System

With our 7-Series Site-fabricated System, design and style choices are virtually unlimited. Having so many options can be understandably overwhelming, so we’ve put together some of the most common layouts along with a bit of information on each, including advantages, disadvantages, and images of completed installs. Which layout do you like most?


Single-Band Layout

One of the most popular layouts. Very functional in a classroom environment and very affordable. Used in classrooms, conference rooms, and open-plan offices. Acoustical & Tackable.

Pros: This layout integrates a tackable surface and a marker board. Less expensive than covering an entire wall.

Cons: Less tackable/display area and less sound absorption than with full-wall coverage.

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Two-Band Layout

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One of our more popular full-wall layouts. Looks great in lobbies, conference rooms, and executive offices where maximum sound absorption is required.

Pros: Great appearance. Lends itself to the use of different colors for a stunning visual effect.

Cons: Slightly more expensive than the Single-Band Layout.

Three-Band Layout

The most popular and the most cost effective full wall layout. Highly recommended for lobbies, classrooms, student housing and where maximum sound absorption is required.

Pros: Very attractive. Most cost-effective use of labor and materials.

Cons: None!

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Vertical Multi-Panel Layout

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This common look was born of wrapped panels which are limited by the size of their substrate. Use only where this specific look is desired or where frequent panel fabric replacement will be necessary.

Advantages: Full-wall coverage. Accommodates directional fabrics.

Disadvantages: Most expensive in both labor and materials.

Flex-Frame® Curved Single-Band Layout

This is a unique look and is extremely decorative. Curvature can vary depending on design and preference.

Pros: Partial wall coverage or decorative wainscoting

Cons: Less tackable/display area and less sound absorption than with full-wall coverage.

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Flex-Frame® Curved Three-Band Layout

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This is a unique look but is extremely decorative. Curvature can vary depending on design and preference.

Pros: Full-Wall Coverage.

Cons: Slightly more expensive than the standard Two-Band Layout, but worth it!

Presenting… Open House!


Fabricmate® now proudly offers the Open House Fabric line from Guilford of Maine! Open House Panel Fabric is acoustically transparent, as well as extremely durable, withstanding well over 30,000 double-rubs!*

The Open House Fabric line comes in 38 stunning colors and is 54″ in width, so it’s ideal for use with all our wall finishing systems. From our 1 Series Premade Panels, to the 7 Series Site-Fabricated System, Open House Fabric can bring beautiful design elements to your projects while providing tackability, impact resistance, and acoustic absorbance.

*A double rub is a motion that estimates the wear and tear that comes from someone sitting down on, and getting up from, an upholstered seat.


Open House Fabric Is Ideal For

  • High Impact Wall Protection for Hallways and Corridors
  • Tackable and Modular Wall Panel Kits
  • Tackable Fabric-Wrapped Bulletin Board Panels
  • MagTack® Magnetically Receptive Bulletin Board Panels

Open House Fabric Features


Open House Fabric is made from 35% Post-Consumer Polyester, and is 100% Recyclable.