Improve Your Learning Environments

The design and appearance of your church, synagogue, or other worship facility can affect whether or not people visit, and how often. Further, even the most attentive of audiences can be distracted by poor acoustics. In either case, the message isn’t being fully communicated. Whether in the congregation hall or sanctuary, lobby, classroom, or other areas where people gather, make your ministry more effective with Fabricmate Panels and Systems.

They can be quickly, easily, and inexpensively added to existing rooms and halls, and their contributions are immediately felt. They are extremely durable, will last for many years, and can virtually eliminate the need to paint so that monies can be put where they will do the most good.

Encourage people to connect with each other and the message throughout your place of worship by eliminating distractions such as reverberated sound.

Bare painted walls are an acoustics nightmare. They cause sound to reverberate, making it difficult to hear properly, especially in a large open spaces or crowded classrooms.

Fixing these common acoustical problems and enhancing speech intelligibility is one of our primary focuses and we strive to make it as easy and inexpensive as possible. We offer three methods of application/utilization: ‘Site Fabricated’ Wall Finishing Systems, ‘Ready-To-Hang’ Premade Panels and ‘Ready-To-Install’ Modular Panels Kits.


'Site Fabricated' Wall Finishing

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Conforms to Any Architectural Feature  •  Significantly Reduces Maintenance Costs

'Ready-To-Hang' Premade Panels

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Useful Anywhere  •  Built-To-Last  •  Mounting Hardware Is Included

'Ready-To-Install' Modular Panel Kits

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Fast & Easy Installation  •  Unlimited Length  •  2' to 8' Heights Available

Key Features and Benefits

Our Wall Finishing Systems benefit from an array of advantages. Just because our acoustic panels lines are specialized for maximum sound absorption doesn't mean they don't also provide other functional benefits.

They protect and adorn your walls, providing high-impact wall protection while serving as a tackable surface, giving the same functionality as a bulletin board without sacrificing aesthetics, durability or the acoustical benefits.

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Sanctuaries & Congregation Halls  

Encouraging Connection

Bare painted walls are an acoustics nightmare. They cause sound to reflect and echo. This tangle of reverberated sound is difficult to process. We are forced to strain to understand what we’re hearing. This kind of distraction does not belong in a place of worship.

Music sounds best in an acoustically controlled environment. Even the most talented musicians with the very best equipment will struggle to produce a good sound in a room with bad acoustics. Investing in a top-of-the-line sound system won’t mean anything if the room isn’t acoustically treated. A talented sound engineer can only do so much.

Our Wall Finishing Systems can improve acoustics in any room. They absorb sound waves, reducing reverberations to improve speech intelligibility. They stay looking great for decades, reducing maintenance costs and mitigating visible damage. Give your congregation the gift of a distraction free environment. Don’t let your message get jumbled in a tangle of reverberated sound. Take control of your sound. Make sure your message is heard. Give Fabricmate a call today.

Classrooms & Offices

Diminish Distraction

Improving speech intelligibility in the classroom is essential. Students should never have to strain to understand what is being said. Our Acoustical Systems absorb the reverberated sound to keep speech clear and understandable.

Hallways & Corridors  

Make Your Walls Work For You

Hallways and corridors can be busy and noisy places, prone to an unusually high amount of wear and tear. Protect and adorn the walls in these areas with an acoustical, tackable and high-impact wall-protection and enjoy reduced the maintenance costs.

Foyers, Vestibules & Reception Halls

Sustaining Unity

Whether you need to reduce echoes in the vestibule, protect the walls of the foyer or have need of both in your reception hall, our Wall Finishing Systems are the perfect choice to improve acoustics and reduce maintenance costs while protecting your walls.