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Premade Panels1 Series

Premade PanelsLearn More

1 Series

Premade Panels come in a wide range of sizes; from 12″ x 12″ to 4′ x 8′ and every size in-between. They arrive at your door ready to hang.

Best For:

Quick & Easy Installation

Replacing cork bulletin boards in the classroom or at home

Single or Tiled Acoustic Panels in conference rooms or home theaters

Sectional Panel Kits3 Series

Sectional Panel KitsLearn More

3 Series

Easily create fixed height panels of virtually any width with our Sectional Panel Kit. Start with 2 End Sections and add the number of Field Sections needed in-between for your desired width. Mount the panels inline on the wall then roll in the fabric. In no time you will have a beautiful acoustical and/or tackable custom width wall panel.

Best For:

Large bulletin board panels for hallways and public areas

Filling tall walls to absorb echoes in open spaces


Wall Panel Kits5 Series

Fabric Wall Panel KitCheck It Out

5 Series

Our 5 Series kit includes everything you need to build on-wall, a pre-sized acoustical and/or tackable fabric covered panel. Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer as everything (fabric mounting frame, backing and fabric) is pre-cut to size and ready to assemble on your wall. Instructions are included.

Best For:

Build-It-Yourself acoustic or bulletin board panels

Larger quantities of panels: ship more for less

Custom Wall Finishing Kits7 Series

Custom Wall Finishing KitsLearn More

7 Series

Designed for the Do It Yourselfer and Contractors. Easily build on-wall custom sized and full wall fabric wall upholstery panels that are acoustical, tackable and even magnetically receptive. Kits can be customized to include pre-cut frame pieces, backing and fabric which eliminates the guesswork. Templates are available for the most popular layout designs.

Best For:

Custom fabrications that fill in entire walls for maximum acoustics, tackability and wall protection


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